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News and Projects 

The work of Living Reefs Foundation is based on the culture of marine organisms. This leads us to continually investigate, improve, develop and implement the successful rearing of corals and other marine invertebrates. The key principle driving our work is the sustainability of the whole ecosystem. This means:

- Preserving and enhancing the natural biodiversity of the ecosystem by starting the rearing process with genetically diverse larvae of native species, and

- Minimising the impact of mariculture on the environment by appropriately scaling field operations.


This mindset has led us to projects beyond corals and beyond Bermuda.


IYAFA 2022!

2022, the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture (IYAFA). Living Reefs Foundation is honoured to be part of it. We have been working with the Food and Agriculture Organisation's Subregional Office for the Caribbean to enhance the network of aquaculture experts and practitioners in the CARICOM Region. Click and read more on this new initiative towards the development of aquaculture in the Caribbean Region. 

World Ocean Day Newsletter

On World Ocean Day, Living Reefs reflects on its first 4 years of operation. Click on this beautiful photo by Alex Pilgrim of our seafan forest and read more.

seafan forest tuckers rosewood.jpg
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