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Our Supporters from the very start to now, contributing in different ways, each one as valuable as the other, helping us move forward in Bermuda's coral restoration research

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Our most recent supporter, Soltrino was one of the first to pioneer online retail in Bermuda, started by two moms who wanted to protect themselves and their families from the sun's harmful rays.  Thus, the idea of an online retail business offering high-quality, fashionable UPF swimwear that was modest and age-appropriate was born.  Soltrino also offers resort wear, casual clothing, athletic wear, accessories, and sun protective gear for your trip to the pool or beach!  Soltrino supports us through their yearly contribution as Silver Coral Gardener, and by engaging their customers to donate to LRF upon checkout. Soltrino is keen to advocate our work as in their own words ' Saving the coral reefs is one worthy cause that many Bermudians feel strongly about'! Find out more on

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11th Hour Racing , sustainability partner to the Ben Ainslie Racing Team for America's Cup 2017  (AC35) in Bermuda,  are the first supporters of the Coral Garden Initiative.  We are grateful for what is a legacy for Bermuda  and a demonstration of  belief in our coral restoration work.  

11th Hour Racing's coral garden became the first source of homegrown corals planted to boost the denuded reefs of Castle Harbour. This provides our proof of concept for coral restoration in Bermuda. 

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Established in 2018 by Bermudians, for Bermudians, Cassine brings a curated selection of natural beauty products, with a strong focus on the future of the island and oceans. Cassine founders are passionate about all living creatures on our planet, especially those who inhabit and surround our beautiful island.  Part of Cassine's proceeds go to Living Reefs Foundations, contributing to the addition of young corals on our coral gardens. Find out more on

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Marooned Ocean is a Bermuda-based Foundation whose mission it is to work towards solving one of the worlds biggest problems; the health of our oceans. Solving this problem takes many forms. Marooned Ocean sells sustainable clothing and gear as one way to provide funding to various grass root ocean conservation projects in Bermuda and around the world. Luckily, Living Reefs Foundation was the first recipient of Marooned Ocean's donation! Their generous contribution supported the set-up of our coral hatchery through the purchase of coral specific lights for optimal growth. Marooned Ocean continues to give to ocean initiatives in Bermuda. Read more and visit their selection of unique T-shirts on

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Living Reefs Foundation's very own benefactor. A great lady with a generous heart has given us the freedom to access the coral reefs surrounding us in order to pursue our work- a 29' boat,  Lily Pad II, for which we are very grateful. Thank you for a very useful and valuable asset to our Foundation. 

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QBE Equator Reinsurances Limited, based in Bermuda, has selected Living Reefs as its charity partner since 2020. Their generous contribution is boosting Living Reefs' capacity to focus on how to grow young corals from parent colonies.  Thanks to Equator, the Foundation is now able to tap into overseas expertise and strengthen existing collaborations to address some of the key challenges in coral culture.  

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