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Coral Reefs are Critical to our Environment, our Livelihood, our Economy


At Living Reefs, we strongly believe that we,  as a community can act today to conserve our reefs, and adopt

a precautionary approach to help support coral reef health. Our principles are based on a sound valuation study and following recommendations  approved by Bermuda's government Cabinet.  Learn more on the services that coral reefs provide,  and what actions can be taken at all levels, in this Bermuda brief. 

A summary of the

Economic Valuation of

Bermuda’s Coral Reefs

 Bermuda Government 09/2011

Coral Reefs Protect our Coast

$266 million a year- this is how much coral reefs are worth as Bermuda's natural breakwaters.  Without reefs,  waves hitting the coast would be much higher, and  flood damage caused by a hurricane Category  3 would increase to more than 1/5th of the property value.  

Coral Reefs Support our Fisheries

42% of fish and 100% of lobsters caught commercially depend on reefs. This equates a fishery value of $4.9 million a year, sustaining cultural traditions, livelihood and a healthy fish and shellfish population. Coral reefs are the habitat,nursery  and feeding ground of fish that we consume. Damaged reefs mean a loss of habitat and a greater reliance on imported fish .

Coral Reefs Give us Beaches

$405 million a year... is how much coral reefs contribute to the local economy through tourism. Bermuda's renowned pink beaches are all formed from coral reefs. Without reefs, beach formation would decline..a loss to tourists and residents alike. 

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